How to properly align headlights.

How do I properly align the headlights in my car?

You will need a few basic items to accomplish this.  They are:  a tape measure, masking (painters) tape and a flat vertical surface (at least 6’x 12’) with space to park the car 25 feet in front of it.

When aligning your headlights it is important to ensure that the automobile is level to ensure that you accurately focus the headlights.  To do this you should empty the car of any extra heavy items and have the gas tank at about half-full.

First, park your car on a flat surface about 25 feet away from the wall.  Then find the center line of the wall relative to your car and both your windshield and back window using the tape measure.  Once those are found make vertical lines on the windshield and back window using the tape.  If you now stand behind the car you will line up the tape lines to focus the lights similar to the way you would use the sights on a rifle.

Measure the distance between the center points on your headlight lenses.  Divide this value by two and make place two vertical pieces of tape on either side of the center of it.  Measure the distance from the center of your headlamp to the ground and make a horizontal tape mark on the wall at that height.  You should now have to plus-signs on the flat surface in which to aim your headlights

Next, turn on your headlight low-beams.  The light should be in the upper right box of your plus sign.  If they do not you’ll need to open your hood and locate the vertical and horizontal aim screws.  You will turn the screws for both the horizontal and vertical on both headlight housings until the light beams in the upper right box, just to the right of the vertical and just above the horizontal tape lines.  Once that is done, your have properly aligned your headlights and be sure that you are getting the most of your headlight beams onto the road ahead without blinding oncoming drivers.