Giving your classic car some modern headlight technology

How can you add a little bit of technology to your classic car?  There are options to add modern HID headlights and give your car a distinctive look that shows your true appreciation for exceptional automobiles.  After the HID headlight craze hit with modern cars that use H4 style bulbs some innovative products have hit the market to allow classic car fanatics to join in on the fun.  We’ll even give you some links to find out where to get the parts from a trusted source.  Continue reading Giving your classic car some modern headlight technology

Focus on Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights use a sealed bulb with a filament made of the element tungsten and contains an inert gas and a small amount of an element from the halogen series in the periodic table.  Iodine and Bromide are commonly used halogens in these light bulbs.
A chemical reaction called the halogen cycle is caused when the halogen gas and tungsten are combined.  This reaction allows for a very high operating temperature which gives these types of bulbs a long lifespan and allows a high color temperature light to be achieved. Continue reading Focus on Halogen Headlights

Focus on Projector Headlights

A projector headlights system is unique in that they use an indirect beam.  Elliptical reflector housings reflect the light forward and through a lens that is shaded darker at the top and lighter on the bottom.  In the light’s path is a shield that prevents the light reflected from the bottom of the elliptical housing from being projected above the low-beam height cutoff.  This prevents glare from inhibiting visibility of oncoming drivers.  In some systems the shield is operated by a solenoid which allows a portion of that light be projected forward for use as high beams.  Projector headlights are often used as low beams if they are missing the solenoid actuated shield.

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