Improving Your Auto’s Fog lights

Now you can add the improved visibility to your automobile by adding a set of upgraded fog lights.  Gone are the days of low visibility during poor weather conditions now that you can add either HID fog lights or LED fog lights to your car.

There are two options for adding these spectacular new fog lights to your car; you can replace your existing factory halogen fog lights with a kit that adds a set of LED or HID lamps or, if your car was not equipped with fog lights from the factory you can add a universal kit on almost any car, truck or SUV.

For cars that have OEM fog lights, there are several options depending on the various auto manufacturers.  The best part of the kits that replace OEM fog lights is that you get all of the benefits of adding the HID fog light kit while retaining the stock appearance of OEM fog lights.  These kits would include all of the wiring, ignitors, bulbs and housings that are needed to make the kit function in your car.

The best kits out there make use of the car’s wiring harness as most of them already are wired for the fog lights from the factory, you just need to add a few additional components such as the on off switch and the wiring that ties your new LED or HID fog lights in your car’s electrical system.  Some of these kits use actual OEM parts so that you can have the same stock look without having to study the parts manual for your car and assemble all of the parts needed through your local dealer.  If you are comfortable with the parts catalogs and have a good source for the OEM parts you can certainly put together your own kit, but a kit may still cost less and save you some time.

If you end up with a totally stock kit then you would likely need to find a HID fog light or LED fog light kit to convert your factory setup to those types of bulbs.  The end result will be well worth your efforts as you will have increased your visibility in poor conditions all while retaining the stock look of your car without having to cut holes throughout your car.

A universal LED or HID fog light kit is another great option as they can be adapted to fit almost any automobile.  Because not all cars can be purchased with OEM fog lights this is a way to allow for increased visibility while driving in low light or foggy situations.  These universal kits offer many options as far as shapes and sizes so that you can get the most custom appearance for your car, truck or SUV.  Some of the kits have low profile lights that can be installed in a way that you would not notice them unless they are turned on, or if you are looking to add more light to your 4×4 for off road driving you have options that include giant  9” round lights like the big off road racing trucks use.

As you can see there are some pretty compelling options to add additional lighting for low visibility driving and the best part is that some of these kits start at as low as $30.  If you are looking for the biggest and best kits out there you should be prepared to spend around $500.  The best part is that there is a kit somewhere in the middle that you can get and install to upgrade your auto’s lighting.