Tips For Replacing Your Halogen Headlights

If you drive at night as much as I do there is nothing that is more annoying than a blow headlight bulb.  How many times have you had to make due with only one half of your car’s lighting power because of one of these blown bulbs?  I know for me it has been many times, especially when I drove a 2002 Mazda Protege. Continue reading Tips For Replacing Your Halogen Headlights

Headlight Restoration Kits Comparison

It is inevitable that after many years of service the headlights on your car are going to stat to show signs of age.  With this age you will see the lenses become cloudy, scratched and pitted.  This lens discoloration will degrade the performance of your headlights and make night time driving dicey because of diminished lighting coming from your headlight bulbs.  The good thing is that even though your lights appear to be ruined there are several forms of help that come in the form of bottles of polish, pads, sandpaper and cloths.  Depending on the solution that you choose to go with you will receive any number of those items for you to complete the task.  Below I have compiled a list of the products on the market today including basic liquid restoration products.  The products range from “as seen on TV” products that people have not been too crazy about to products that are lauded in car forums all over the Internet.  Well, what are we waiting for?  Here is the list in no particular order!

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What does the color temperature values in HID headlights mean?

If you have been looking around to upgrade the on your  car or truck I’m sure that you have seen different color temperature values associated with the various headlight kits.  What do the numbers mean?  These numbers are measured in degrees Kelvin.

Check out these HID Kits to see examples of each.

OK, what does that mean?  Basically when light is emitted it can view as different colors.  The smaller the value, in Kelvin, the “warmer” the light and conversely a higher number would indicates “cooler” light.

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Improving Your Auto’s Fog lights

Now you can add the improved visibility to your automobile by adding a set of upgraded fog lights.  Gone are the days of low visibility during poor weather conditions now that you can add either HID fog lights or LED fog lights to your car.

There are two options for adding these spectacular new fog lights to your car; you can replace your existing factory halogen fog lights with a kit that adds a set of LED or HID lamps or, if your car was not equipped with fog lights from the factory you can add a universal kit on almost any car, truck or SUV.

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